Preview any of our five Subscription Services listed below:

The RA Coach:

An on-line resource designed to support Resident Assistants and the staff who supervise them. The service offers 16 on-line in service training modules with optional testing, training podcasts, over 170 ready to print/present programs with downloadable advertising, stress management relief via downloadable audio feed, a monthly planning guide, on-line forms, plus series of articles and information that change based on the needs of Resident Assistant staff and the profession. This service is available at a cost of $12.00 per RA for a 9-month subscription. All professional staff receive free access, for planning and development purposes.

For detailed information and a free trial of this service, click here.

The Residence Hall Manager:

The Residence Hall Manager service provides a huge source of more than 230 tools and resources for individuals involved in the supervision of campus residence halls. The service provides: 2 RD Training Classes covering numerous topics, 24 fully developed training plans, 30 training themes, 30 creative judicial sanctioning ideas, 30 supervision resources, over 20 assessment tools, 28 letters, 30 forms, 30 motivation/support/recognition ideas and Podcasts.

If you have an approved free trial with a username and password, click here to preview.

For detailed information and a free trial of this service, click here.

The Judicial Educator:

Take advantage of those teachable moments and add an easy to administer solution to educating students who are involved in judicial violations to your campus judicial system. The Judicial Educator provides 21 educational modules on topics such as alcohol, community living, fire safety, personal decision-making, and more. Randomly generated testing is built into each module, and when a student completes a module by passing a test, an e-mail notification form is automatically forwarded to the judicial administrator. Pricing for this service is reasonable and based on residential capacity.

For detailed information and a free trial of this service, click here.

The Video Staff Trainer:

The Video Staff Trainer provides 10 to 17 minute short on-line videos on topics that help your RAs succeed in managing their positions. Designed to be both educational and entertaining … consider it “learning on the lighter” side…

Videos cover the following topics:

Establishing Community
Managing Roommate Conflicts
Programming and Publicity
Ethics and the RA Job
Managing Your First Floor Meeting

All videos come with supplemental information for RAs. Professional staff is provided with access to a separate resource area to assist with planning and implementation.

For detailed information and a free trial of this service, click here.

The Roommate Resource Service:

Roommate conflicts are incredibly complicated to manage, and stressful for both students and their parents. They impact all levels of staff from the resident assistant to the chief housing officer and beyond.

The Roommate Resource Service can help with these challenges. The three service components listed below can be used proactively or re-actively, depending on need and plans for how the individual university will work with the service.

The Student Education Module: This presentation educates students on how to live successfully with a roommate.

The Parent Education Module: This presentation educates parents about the typical university response to a roommate conflict, and the things that they can do to assist their student.

Mediation Training Module: This presentation educates staff members on how to mediate a roommate conflict.

For detailed information and a free trial of this service, click here.


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