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The Judicial Officer by Adirondack Solutions Helps Colleges and Universities Manage and Administer Judicial Issues

Stephanie Rye, the Administrative Assistant for Judicial Affairs at Gettysburg College, needed a better way to manage her discipline cases. She was using a homegrown product that she liked, but knew that a more sophisticated program with better reporting features would "make her life easier." When Gettysburg started using The Housing Director for its housing assignments, Stephanie began using the discipline portion of The Housing Director for her judicial cases. After using the product for awhile, Stephanie created a wish list for additional features that would enhance a stand alone judicial product. Since they started exhibiting in 1998, Adirondack Solutions, Inc. had been continually asked, "Do you have any judicial software?" Until last year the answer was no, but in 2000 Adirondack Solutions answered your request with a robust new package called The Judicial Officer. By utilizing their own expertise and that of professionals like Stephanie Rye, a comprehensive package for administering discipline issues now exists for the residence life professional.

One of the most time consuming aspects of adjudication can be scheduling hearings. With the judicial officer, hearings can be scheduled painlessly. The schedules of all judicial officers are maintained in the program. When a hearing must be set, the user can select a time for the hearing and have the program locate those board members who are available or, on the flip side, choose the appropriate board members and have the program find a time when all members are available. Then, all appropriate members can be notified via e-mail or mail merge of the date and time of the hearing.

The best part of the program, as in all Adirondack products, is the degree to which the end user can customize the package to meet his/her institutional needs. The terminology your campus uses to name violations and sanctions can be used in the program. Details that are important to your campus for reporting can be included, such as: is the incident reportable, were the parents notified, who were the witnesses, where did it occur, etc. Perhaps more importantly, however, is the ability to create an unlimited number of custom fields for students and for incidents. And all customized fields can be used in reports. And now multiple students can easily be linked to the same incident.

Athar Rafiq of Gettysburg College has been working with several products from Adirondack Solutions, including The Judicial Officer. He says, "Gettysburg College evaluates software based on functionality (fit into business process) and the engineering behind the product. The Judicial Officer, as well as the other products from Adirondack Solutions, is extremely well designed and built. The Judicial Officer has scored very high in all functional and technical benchmark tests."

Like all Adirondack programs, The Judicial Officer is an evolving program. As its fastest seller, many schools are using the program and the feedback from users allows the company to continually upgrade the package. To take a look at The Judicial Officer for yourself, simply visit the Adirondack Solutions, Inc. web site (www.adirondacksolutions.com) and download a 45-day trial version. Any feedback on the software would be greatly appreciated - you can e-mail Adirondack Solutions at info@adirondacksolutions.com.