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Reslife.Net Featured Housing and Residence Life Program

Spotlight on…

Learn about the “best of the best” at Fresno State University Courtyard:

Overview Information: Learn about Fresno State and the University Courtyard Residential Life Staff Team

Focus on Programming:

“Every Grade Point Counts”…Staff Involvement and Programming Initiatives to Support the Academic Success & Retention of Students at Fresno State

Diversity Programming and Training: Above and Beyond at Fresno State University Courtyard

Supporting Safety on Campus: The Public Safety Assistant Position at Fresno State University Courtyard

Focus on Leadership Development:

Leadership Development at Fresno State University Courtyard

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Reslife.Net Featured Service
Spotlight on…

The Judicial Educator Service:

An easy to administer educational sanctioning tool…21 educational modules…built in testing…e-mail notification of completion to referring administrator! Education made easy…

For detailed information and a free trial of this service, click here.