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Willie Young's Monthly Mind Clutter

March's Questions & Answers

  1. What do the Japanese called their country?
  2. Of the 17 D.O.T. com companies that advertised in the 2000 Super Bowl, how many advertised in the 2001 game?
  3. What was the first all female radio station?
  4. Who performed the first open heart surgery?
  5. What was the last jazz song to be No. 1 in this country?
  6. Who has received the most honorary doctorate degrees?
  7. What is the largest selling single of all time?
  8. What is Ann Landers favorite book?
  9. Who has won the most World Series rings?
  10. How many oval rooms are in the White House?


  1. Nippon
  2. 3., and e-trade advertised in the 2001 game. Of the original 17, 6 are out of business and 8 are struggling.
  3. WHER, Memphis, Tenn. 1955
  4. Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, 1893. An African American that opened the first interracial hospital in the US.
  5. Hello Dolly, in 1964, by Louis Armstrong
  6. Dr Theodore Hessburgh, former president of Notre Dame.
  7. "Candle in the Wind", Elton John's tribute to Princess Di.
  8. The Scarlet Letter
  9. Yogi Berra, 10.
  10. 4