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Psyched for the new academic year? We are!!! Check out all this new stuff…

Program Possibilities: Drunk Goggles Relay

Submitted by Kara Bentz, Morningside College

Harry Potter Bulletin Board with Total Floor Theme

Submitted by Nick Wolf, Towson University

Bulletin Board: Disney Actually Does Teach You Things

Submitted by Rachel Hulshof, Resident Assistant, Morningside College

Bulletin Board and Coordinating Door Tag: “How to be a Hoot of a Roommate”

Submitted by Johnny Shannon, Resident Assistant, Marist College

Door Tag: Mickey and Minnie Mouse Door Tags

Submitted by La'Bria Wallace, McDaniel College

Door Tag: Naruto Ninja Profiles!

Submitted by Brendan Pinto, Morningside College

Bulletin Board: Campus Resources

Submitted by Billie Gadway, Resident Assistant, Morrisville State College

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