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RA Video Training…Rated "EC" for extra cheese!

Looking for serious training videos that unfortunately might bore your staff to tears? If so, don’t look any further! You may need a different approach…

Can you say “cheese” please? Cheddar Productions provides you with a fun, light and entertaining look into the world of the RA.

From managing the first floor meeting, to managing their first roommate conflict, these 10 – 17 minute videos will help train your staff on important topics related to their job.

Six videos provided with supplemental information.

It’s gouda! Better than cheddar!

Videos cover the following topics:

Establishing Community
Managing Roommate Conflicts
Programming and Publicity
Ethics and the RA Job
Managing Your First Floor Meeting

For a free trial or more information on this service, contact us at 215 295-6858 or e-mail us at info@reslife.net.