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About The Residence Hall Manager Service

What is The Residence Hall Manager Service?

The Residence Hall Manager service provides resources and information for individuals involved in the supervision of campus residence halls. The service will include the following resources:

Self Directed Learning: 3 independent study classes for Hall Directors

Training Plans: 24 fully developed training plans, with printable handouts. Everything a staff member needs to train on a designated topic.

Training Themes: 30 paragraph to full page write ups on themes that can be easily used to develop and coordinate a training program on campus

Creative Judicial Sanctioning Ideas: 30 short write-ups on different creative sanctioning ideas used to support the campus judicial process and assist students who are involved in disciplinary problems

Supervision Resources: 30 tools including information, sample forms, and activities and exercises will assist staff supervision issues

Motivation/Support/Recognition: 33 paragraph to one page descriptions of ideas to motivate, support, and recognize staff

Assessment Tools: Over 20 surveys to obtain information pertinent to residence hall management, information on assessment, and an assessment glossary

Letters: 28 sample letters of correspondence

Forms: 30 sample forms

Plus a series of Training Podcasts, a Recorded Webinar, Mediation Resources and more...