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The 2013-2014 R.A. Coach Service!
Overview Information

We are pleased to announce our lineup of offerings for the 2013-2014 RA Coach Service! Let's take a look.

On-Line Training for RA/CAs

What's new for 2013/2014?

Thinking about a new approach this upcoming year for RA Training? Is it time to shake things up a bit, all year long? Here’s our single best idea for you to consider. We have again bundled the RA Coach with the Video Staff Trainer (VST) for no extra cost.

That’s right! For less than the price of a Tee Shirt per RA ($12) you now get both training services, all year. Plus, as always, all your professional staff has free access, to assist in the development of their training programs. No kidding! Let’s get to those details.

The RA Coach:

  • 8 “Hot Topic” training modules in video/flash animation with voiceovers.
  • 8 “Supplemental” training topics will be delivered via Powerpoint.
  • All modules have optional testing and e-mail notification of completion.

Assign these video modules over the summer. Help your new staff hit the ground running. Well, maybe it’s a fast walk. In any event, also use them as in service training resources for the RA’s during the year. 16 modules total. Work them into your training schedule and get your RA staff in the habit of going to the site, to help them stay sharp. They’re also great for RA’s who miss an in-service.

Check out the link on the left of the site for a full listing of topics and facilitator information.

The Video Staff Trainer:

The VST includes 6 on line Training videos, along with a supplemental resource area full of training plans and other great tools. This resource is now bundled with the RA Coach Service, for any and all Coach Subscribers, for free! They are great for kicking off training sessions, refresh sessions during the year, etc. It can help change up your approach. Try it; we think you’ll like it.

New Additions:

Roommate Mediation resource – here is a new way to help assist your RA Staff with this challenging issue. It’s all included in a PowerPoint presentation with different techniques and approaches.

Ice Breakers - we are adding additional ideas to our Icebreakers area. In this case, more is better, to help beef up your staffs’ repertoire. That’s French for bag of tricks….. In any event, they will be useful to have.

Plus Returning Favorites!

The Virtual Programming Area

Do you want to improve your total RA staff’s programming skills? Who would not want that? Use this area to help your pro staff with getting your RA’s to the top of their game. Over 175 full blown programs await staff to help them with their programming efforts. Assign your RA staff to use one program a month from the RA Coach site and they will get “coached” on how to be better programmers. We promise!

It must be true, practice makes perfect…. or at least better! In any event, as your RA’s step through these laid out plans, they will be learning to be better programmers. Each program includes a full-blown “to do” list of what needs to be accomplished to plan and manage a program, with downloadable advertising and other supplemental information as required. In addition, programs are listed by the month and by category.

Training Podcasts

Listen via your computer or download to an iPod or MP3 player. These podcasts provide advice and training from pro staff and RAs around the country. From the Pro side of the house:

  • Building Community
  • Managing Roommate Conflicts
  • Successful Interviewing Techniques
  • Bringing Closure to Your Floor
  • Successfully Working with Your Supervisor
  • Managing the RA/Friend Relationship
  • When to Make Referrals
  • Safety Within On-Line Communities

Plus The Scoop! A boatload of 2 to 3 minute Podcast tips from RA’s on all different topics. Well, maybe more like 24 podcasts give or take, but it’s a lot.

The Rapid Reporter

On-line communication made easy through The Rapid Reporter. If your school does not have on line forms yet, this area can be a big help.

On-line forms include: Weekly Report, Duty Report, Incident Report, Maintenance, Positive Incident Report, Damage Report, Occupancy Report Forms, Program Registration and Evaluation, Residence Hall Space Reservation, RA Duty Change, and Interview Evaluation.

Staffs fill out the forms and send them via e-mail to their supervisor or another university designee.

Monthly Planning Guide

What’s that old saying? Plan to succeed or plan to fail.

The monthly planning guide provides users with an overview of what to anticipate month by month as a RA and a member of your housing staff. Have all your staff review this area, at the beginning of every month and get everyone on the same page! Or at least, in the same chapter!

Investment for the RA Coach

The investment for The RA Coach/VST bundle is $12 per RA/CA on your staff team, for unlimited access to the service for the 9 month subscription period, which begins in August and concludes early the following May. . As always, your professional staff has free access, to assist in the development of their training programs. Service offerings are typically live in early to mid-August.

For more Information on The RA Coach Service…

Contact us at, call (215) 666-6384, or sign up for a free trial now.