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About The Judicial Educator

Continuing to struggle with how to handle educating students involved in disciplinary problems on campus? Looking for an educational system that is easy to manage for all levels of staff that are involved with administering student discipline?

We’ve taken these 2 important issues into consideration, and you’ll find solutions to these problems with The Judicial Educator on

What is The Judicial Educator?

The Judicial Educator consists of 21 Flash technology modules that educate students who are involved in disciplinary problems on your campus. Randomly generated automatic testing is built into each module. When a student successfully completes the module by passing a test, the student completes an e-mail notification form, which is then automatically forwarded to the campus judicial administrator.

How does The Judicial Educator work?

  • As part of a judicial sanction, the judicial administrator refers a student for education to The Judicial Educator
  • The student logs into The Judicial Educator using a pre-assigned username and password (each college/university is assigned 1 user name and password upon purchase), and proceeds to the module that they have been instructed to complete
  • The student completes the educational portion of the module and clicks on a link that takes them to a test area. A test with 10 randomly generated questions appears, and the student must get 7 of the 10 questions correct to “pass” the test.
  • Once the student successfully completes the module and “passes” the test, they will enter information into a completion notification form
  • The completion notification form consists of the student’s name, along the name and e-mail address of the judicial administrator. The student via e-mail automatically sends the completion notification form to the judicial administrator who referred them to the module for education.
  • If the student does not get 7 of 10 questions correct, they must return to the start of the educational module and begin again

What educational topics are available through The Judicial Educator?

  • How to Successfully Live with A Roommate/s: A Blueprint for Success
  • Alcohol and You
  • Alcohol 102
  • Dating Violence and Date Rape: What You Need to Know
  • Fire Safety – College Student Guide for Living
  • From “Me” to “We”: Living Successfully In A Community
  • Healthy Relationships
  • I Am So Angry!
  • Marijuana
  • Personal Responsibility and Decision Making
  • Safe Living on a College Campus
  • Understanding Myself and Others: Similarities and Differences
  • Academic Integrity
  • Civility and Respect
  • Living Responsibly in an Off-Campus Environment
  • Smoking
  • Harassment: There’s No Excuse for Abuse
  • Understanding and Managing Conflict
  • Damage and Vandalism
  • Personal and Physical Cleanliness in Residence Halls