Weekly:1-7:Int値 Pooper Scooper, Laugh at Work, Explore Career Options, Window Safety, Masters Tournament, Nat値 Public Health, Int値 Whistlers 8-14:Consider Christianity, Volunteer, Passiontide, Environmental, Pan American, Week of the young Child, Inspirational News, Health information privacy and security 15-21: Global Youth Service, Cleaning for a reason, Consumer Awareness, Crime Victims Rights, Pesach, Turnoff, Fibroid Awareness, Coin, Holy 22-30:National Dance, Sky Awareness, Safe Kids, National pro-life t-shirt, National dream hotline, National Playground Safety

Monthly Observances:

Atlanta Food and Wine

Alcohol Awareness

Amateur Radio

Autism Awareness

Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage

Cancer Control

Car Care

Celebrate Diversity

Child Abuse Prevention


Cesarean Awareness

Confederate History

Couple Appreciation

Cranberries and Gooseberries

Defeat Diabetes

Emotional Overeating Awareness

Fair Housing

Financial Literacy

Fresh Florida Tomatoes


Global Child Nutrition


Grilled Cheese

Holy Humor

Home Improvement

Informed Women

Int値 Customer Loyalty

Int値 Guitar

Int値 Twit Award

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Jazz Appreciation

Keep America Beautiful

Month of the Young Child

Month of the Military Child

Nat値 African American Womens Fitness

Nat値 Donate Life

Nat値 Humor

Nat値 Kite

Nat値 Knuckles Down

Nat値 Occupational Therapy

Nat値 STD痴

Nat値 Youth Sports Safety

Pharmacists War on Diabetes

Pet First Aid Awareness

Physical Wellness

Prevent Lyme in Dogs

School Library Media

Work Conflict Awareness

World Habitat Awareness


April 2012








1 April Fools

Boomer Bonus

Fun Day

Reading is Funny


Library Snap Shot

Palm Sunday

2 Int値 Children痴 Book

Nat値 Love our children

Int値 Pillow Fight

World Autism

1: St. Stupid

US Airforce Academy

3 Pony Express


World Party


4 Mine Awareness and assistance in mine action


4 Tater

Victims of Violence

Vitamin C

World Rat

Day of Hope

5 Deep Dish Pizza

Fun at Work

One Day Without Shoes


6 Good Friday





Metric System

No Housework

World Health Org.

Nat値 Beer

Int値 Beaver

Pillow Fight

8 Buddha



9 Nat値 Cherish an Antique

Nat値 POW

Jenkins Ear

Winston Churchill

10 Nat値 Sibling

Salvation Army Founder痴

Safety Pin


Baby Massage

Nat値 Library


11 Barbershop Quartet

Int値 Louie Louie

World Parkinson Disease

Nat値 Pet

12 Licorice

Day of Silence

Nat値 Be kind to Lawyers

Walk on your wild side

13 Thomas Jefferson

Tax Freedom

14 Children with Alopecia

Int値 Moment of Laughter

Pan American

Poem in your Pocket

15 Income tax pay

Take a wild guess

That sucks




16 Husband Appreciation

Record Store

Teach your daughter how to volunteer


17 Bat Appreciation

Blah! Blah! Blah!

Ellis Island Family History

Ford Mustang

18 Boston Marathon

Adult Autism

Wear Pajamas to work


19 National Hanging Out

Oklahoma City Bombing Commemoration

20 Equal Pay

Husband Appreciation

21 Kindergarten

High Five

Nat値 Teach your children to save


22 Chemists Celebrate the


In God We Trust

Nat値 Jelly Bean

23 Movie Theatre


Talk Like a Shakespearean

Bulldogs are Beautiful

24 World Tai Chi and Qigong

Nat値 Pet Parents

Mother, Father Deaf

25 White House Easter Egg Roll

20-Something Service

Red Hat Society


26 Hug An Australian

Richter Scale

Take our Daughters and

Sons to Work

27 Secretary痴

Babe Ruth

Mantanzas Mule

Morse Code


28 Nat値 Go Birding


World Vet

Save the Frogs

Workers Memorial


29 Zipper

Interstate Mullet Toss

Nat値 Dance

Nat値 Hairball Awareness

30 Bugs Bunny

Bob Willis


Hairstylists Appreciation